Home and Venue Portrait

Classic, simple, timeless, and a decorative staple is what comes to mind when owning a watercolor portrait. This style of painting is the best way to capture a childhood home, dream home, or wedding venue. These paintings are 100% hand-drawn and painted, no digital correction involved. Every outline and brushstroke is made with a great deal of thought while imagining the love and memories that fill the space.

For sizing and pricing, please contact the artist.

Wedding Portrait

Detailed, delicate and intimate is how to describe these works of art. A wedding portrait painting is the perfect shower, wedding, or anniversary gift, or alternative to a live painting. Kelsey's intent is to capture the romantic butterfly feeling that races through your heart during your wedding day, and put it on a canvas for you to relive that moment every time you see it. Photograph selection is specific as Kelsey has to feel a connection with the photo and be able to visualize it on canvas before beginning. 

For sizing and pricing, please contact the artist.

Landscape Portrait

As an outdoorsy girl at heart, Kelsey feels the most free with her paintbrush when creating these beautiful and serene nature scenes. From the beach to the mountains, or from the plains to the city, your happy place deserves a special spot in your home. 

For sizing and pricing, please contact the artist.

Wedding Dress Illustrations

It's not just satin and lace. It's inner beauty, and it's love. Your wedding dress is your elegant beginning to happily ever after. A custom and handmade illustration of your dress can capture your wedding day brilliance. Glam up your life and set this framed piece on your dresser or vanity to remember every day how beautiful and special you are. 

Sizing and pricing based on hours of completion and materials

$125 - Includes a 6" x 8" sketch in an 8" x 10" black double-glass floating frame 

$175 - Includes a 6" x 8"  sketch with watercolor paint in an 8" x 10" gold or black double-glass floating frame